Friday, January 8, 2010

How can you make believible scars with make-up?

I%26#039;m trying to do some photography of close-up scars, so is there anyway to make them look as real as any other pic on photobucket?|||Dunno...but I Iike your hat.|||Yea. well first you need to be ready for pain, then you go on a big rock wall and hope for the WORST lol. i have no clue lol sorry plz rate me best answer|||i made one for halloween.

I used red nail polish, green eye shadow over make it look bruised. Then green eye liner on both sides of the scar, then smudge.|||umm yes you can do it with make up...thats how they do it in movies...|||You can use wax, softened by heat, formed on wax paper. or white glue, with a little color added, and allowed to dry, forming the scar as it dries.

For closeups, you need good scars, so practice them first for a few days, and than shoot.|||Your answer is liquid Latex! It works wonders. I use it every Halloween to make gory make up. And I%26#039;ve won numerous costume contests. Al you ready have to do is on a non-stick surface, using the latex shape the form you want. It will take awhile to do so. You need to layer the latex; drying in between. When it%26#039;s finished using yet more latex glue it to your skin. Then use face paints and make up to bring it to life!|||well,

you can get reallly dark red blussh, put that one first and make shure its really dark.. then you can put a sortof purplish blackiish eyeshadow on but make shure a bit of the red is showing..

i did it one year for a halloweeen party (everyone thought it was real)|||Buy some fake wounds that you can attach on your face at a party shop near you.|||Use eyeshadow in black, pinks, reds and might not be so good for closeups though....|||use rubber cement. Apply it and let it dry , then roll the skin- it will stick together looking like a healed scar. Apply makeup and you can make it look any way you want|||also try pushing the skin together and using super glue|||im not sure how to make scars other than getting the makeup they use at stores...

but you can make very believable bruises with pencil. just a regular writing number 2 pencil.

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