Friday, January 8, 2010

What is the quickest and least expensive way to get rid of scars?

I know it%26#039;s gross but I had several boils on my buttocks. They were infected and are healing now but are leaving discolored, large like pot marks. I know I shouldn%26#039;t care that much about the skin on my behind but I want the nice, smooth baby butt that I had! Does Mederma help or what about those bandaid looking things? What kind of skin regime should I do? If I can save some money, could micorodermabrasion help or something like that?|||Mederma worked wonders for me, but I used it on surgical scars. I have used it on other things too like cuts and scrapes and it has worked well, so I%26#039;d have to say either mederma or possibly microdermabrasion may work for you too! Its just hard to say exactly what to use without being able to see it. If you try those things (and give it time!) and nothing works, consult a dermatologist. They have a lot of good ideas for this type of thing, some more affordable than others ;)|||Mederma or Vitamin E oil should do the trick.|||To prevent stretch marks and scars effectively use cocoa butter or a mixture of olive oil and herbs. You can find more cheap and natural remedies for stretch marks and scars at鈥?/a>|||Your best bet would be either aloe vera, vitamin E, or cocoa butter.

Next time u get a boil, just put toothpaste on it and it will go away overnight.|||Try taking Vitamin E 400 IU twice daily and apply Vitamin E cream to the scars daily. Also take MSM 1-2 grams 4x daily and apply the MSM cream to the scars 2x daily.

This has helped some people, but no guarantees!|||Mederma is suppose to decrease the look of the scars. Another option is plastic surgery but that can cost alot of money depending on how much work needs to be done. I would try the mederma used every day after a shower and see how it works.|||i dont no about the stuff u asked but putting coconut oil on them lighten the marks till they finally dissapear.|||From what you describe, it sounds like you might be suffering from Hidradenitis Suppurativa. You can check out to see if anything sounds/looks familar.

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