Friday, January 8, 2010

How do you remove pimple scars from your face?

ive tried everything. i have these zit scars that i picked from and theres 2 red dots on my face? any ideas wat too put?|||There’s a product called %26quot;Bio-Oil%26quot; which is fantastic. I used it on a few scars I had on my face and almost with in a few days I noticed them fading. If you can’t find this exact product in your store pretty much any product with “PurCellin Oil” in it will do the trick. I was very impressed with the results.|||Are they recent? if they are recent and aren%26#039;t really scars yet, put toothpaste or visine on them. It removes the redness. If they are definitely scars, there isn%26#039;t too much to do to remove them now. In time they will fade but in case you want a quick solution:

Merle Norman (Make up company) carries cover up that works wonders. It is green but don%26#039;t worry, when you put it on it blends in and removes the redness and makes your skin look smoother.|||try 100% pure shea butter.|||If ur a teen/pre-teen/young adult and ur goign through puberty, leave it alone, but i think u dnt have a scar, a scar from a pimple/zit would be if there is a hole in ur face that is the only permanent scar, take Jet Li for example, those are pimples/zit/blackheads scars. Oh and u shouldnt pick ur pimpls/zits if it has white in it a bit then pop it (squeeze the hell out of it with 2 fingers side to side) it might hurt, only if it%26#039;s white a bit meaning it has oil. If u picked at it and it gone and left a black mark on ur skin it will go away in like 1-3 months.|||I just saw on t.v. a new produt just for that , but i can%26#039;t remember the name or people who make it!|||OK. The best things that you can do to remove acne scarring are microdermabrasion followed by a chemical peel. These will diminish the appearance of scars and even out your skin tone. Consult your local esthetician for more information.|||Go to the doctor and ask him/her , or get proactive solution, it might work, if you haven%26#039;t used it yet...|||I recomend Proactiv, if you still have pimples, and also Proactiv has a product called %26quot;Sking lightening Lotion%26quot; it%26#039;s about 18 bucks, but works wonders!!!

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