Friday, January 8, 2010

What are some good ways to get rid of or cover up scars?

My friend burned me with a straightener a few months back %26amp; the scar is on my forehead %26amp; very noticable. People are starting to call me Harry Potter! Everyone said it would be gone by now, but now my mom says it will never go away. What do I do?|||concealer over the scar and bare mineral foundation powder over yout whole face to give a natural look. If u dont want to pay too much for the bare minerals try Loreal Bare Naturals

Please rate me best answer! :o)|||Supposedly neosporin is good for keeping a sore from scarring. There are products out there but I%26#039;d be careful. Some sores don%26#039;t heal well. Just try to keep make-up and dirt out of the area. Sometimes the more we try to cover up something the more obvious it is. A sore needs to be taken care of quickly so it can heal quickly and less likely to turn into a scar. Check with a dermatologist if you%26#039;re real concerned.|||use blush or cover it with ur bangs.|||ask ur doctor

sorry if i didnt answer well i am tryin to get points|||umm, get some good concealer, and maybe get a scar fading cream, that%26#039;s pretty much all u can do.

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