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What is the best product to fade scars?

I used to cut myself, not anymore now. I was wondering what%26#039;s the best product to fade scars, in your opinion.

Would scar zone work?|||I use Scarzone, and it does work if you use it regularly until the scar fades.

Best of luck to you! Good for you to notice that cutting is not the answer.


Laurie|||Mederma|||Try alloe vera gel or a product called tiger balm|||Mederma works really well.

What are some good products to remove scars from Acne?

I am a white male and I have had mild Acne for the past 7 years. My Ance is finally going away, but I have noticeable scars from the years of acne. What are some good, preferably cheap, acne scar treatments? Thanks for the help!|||Bio is fantastic for scars and stratch marks etc...its not the cheapest thing to buy but its great and if you know where to get it...its not mega expensive. Try wilkinsons, or ebay, or ever home bargains which is where i get mine from!!

Don%26#039;t put tonnes on though as it can seem quite oily! Best off putting it on after cleansing at night...just a little drop.|||Depending on the type of scars you have, they may never go away. Once I hit my 20%26#039;s my acne started to decrease dramatically but like you I was left with some scars from the acne. I went to a dermatologist and she gave me a bleaching cream. This cream will work on acne footprints, these are reddish marks on the skin were the acne has actually discolored the pigments. These marks will go away on their own but it will take much longer (about a year or two for the skin to shed the older layers and allow the new skin to surface). When it comes to scars left from popping zits, well there is really no way to get rid of these. I have some scars left from when I had chicken pox and talked with a dermatologist about these and she informed me of a laser treatment which can help minimize these scars but it is rather expensive and depending on the depression of the scar may not have much affect.

The best advice would be to try a cream which has a bleaching component, after about 2 to 4 weeks it will begin to wash out the discoloration were some of the acne was, after that you can try other products but if you are dealing with scars from 7 years ago it may require some type of laser or surgery to completely remove. Good luck.|||My dermotologist told me to use ordinary Scotch tape to help re-texturize my skin and reduce the appearance scarring. (I have the indented types of scarring.) It actually works, though takes time and regular repetition. He said it does bascially the same as dermabrasin by removing upper skin cells. What you do is: place a strip of clear tape over the scarred area, press it down, then peel it up. Repeat in same area until you feel a slight stinging. (Generally 1 piece of tape is good for a couple uses, then discard and get a new one.) Then move on to the next scarred area.

In my case, it can%26#039;t remove the scarring entirely, but it certainly has improve the general smoothness of my skin and lesson the appearance of scarring. It was noticeable for someone to ask me what I%26#039;d done to make my scarring look so much less..|||If your scars are not severe, i suggest you Zenmed Scar kit:In the simple terms ZENMED庐 Acne Scar Removal is a dual action system to scarring and imperfection.

1. MicroDermabrasion Complex.

2. Skin Eraser, a well-known and established skin lightening agent.

Zenmed Microdermabrasion gently resurfaces the skin, removing debris and old dead skin, revealing the new cells underneath and encouraging the production of new smoother, clearer skin.ItIf is completely natural and does not require the use of any machine or hand held device.

Skin Eraser is a medicated skin lightening agent blended into a natural base of healing Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Cucumber. Only needs to be applied to the affected areas to penetrate the damaged skin tissue and restore it to normalcy.

If you want your scars to look better then give this a shot .

For complete informations read here:鈥?/a>|||Acne can be embarrassing at the best of times. I would try going into a site called and find out what users are saying about various products. Good hygene which involves regular bathing helps a lot. Good internal health is a major contributor to healthy skin. Consider going to see a wholistic health professional, they have some great supplements. Try and stay away from the junk foods. I鈥檝e also had good luck with a product called Acnezine. Below are a couple of articles I found you might find helpful. All the best!|||Herbal Remedies for Acne - HOW THEY WORK

As with any other treatment, it would be wise to conduct thorough research on any herbal product before use. Consult your dermatologist and doctor to make sure it is safe to use any herbal treatments, especially in conjunction with any medicines you may currently be taking.

Herbal Remedies for Acne - WHERE TO GET IT

A variety of herbal remedies are available through retail outlets worldwide.

Herbal Remedies for Acne - COMMON SIDE EFFECTS

As with any other treatment, it would be wise to conduct thorough research and consult your doctor before you begin use of any herbal remedy for acne.|||If you are having color issues with the scars, neutrogena has this enzyme peel used to be under the visibly even line but now i think its under the ageless line, but its the EXACT same product. They%26#039;ve changed the package like 3 times already. You put it on for about 10 min twice a week and rub it off before rinsing. It cost about 20 dollars a tube but having brown skin (which makes it even harder to get rid of the marks) it really works (might wanna try and use the whole tube since you are paying for it). I wish i had before and after pictures to show you..ive gone through almost three tubes over the years. Make sure you are using sunscreen everyday too because its the sun that actually causes the acne scars to get darker.

the tube will kinda look like this although the color and label might be different..鈥?/a>

but with whatever you decide to use know that it will take a couple of months if not a few more before you actually notice the difference|||Nothing really removes the scars. You can get a skin bleacher or something in that will lighten the scars so they are hardly noticeable.|||There are literally thousand of products out there you need to check this site to see which products work best for your skin.|||im SURE clearasil has something

or clean and clear

go to a pharmacy and ask a pharmacist

How can i get rid of bad scars/skin on my face?

I have little pits on my cheeks and nose from some acne scarring, there are not to big like the size of a sewing needle but they bother me, especially the two on my nose. What dermalogical procedures or methods can I use to correct this? My skin tone by the way is considered in the olive category if this makes a difference.|||I got rid of my scars with the zenmed scar repair kit really works, I have zero acne scars and great skin.|||well something professional you could do is get a peeling.

Its almost like a facial and they put a peeling mask on you and itll reduce the look of acne scarring alot! My aunt had it done and she looks great im not sure of the cost but hear its not too expensive.

another thing which is cheaper and may take longer is buy a vitamin E oil and rub it on your face with a cotton ball. this will minimize the look of the scars but it needs to be used often and consistently so youll see the best results

good luck!|||go to any drug store near you. they should probably sell vitamin E. you can get it in any form oil, cream, etc. put it on b4 bed for the next 1-2 months

How do I get rid of acne scars?

My forehead has a lot of redness from past acne scars and other factors. I don%26#039;t actually have much acne at all, but scars from past blemishes are still on my forehead.|||For me, pure Vitamin E oil (won%26#039;t clog pores), and Edgar Cayce%26#039;s Castor Oil (from Vitamin store, not drug store). I would apply a thin layer at night on scars, and watch the scars slough off over time. Depends how deept the scars are that will determine how long.

Also, Success Fade Cream works, but at night only, a sunscreen is needed to protect skin during the day while applying this cream (we should be wearing sunscreen anyway!).

During your face cleaning, don%26#039;t forget to exfoliate your skin, at least once a week, this will speed up the skin renewal process. Look in the face cleansers section for an exfoliator, or one that has both cleanser and exfoliation.

Best wishes!|||Wow I really enjoyed this question it was puzzling me so much because i have acne so i want to see the possible choices of answers neede!!! =) Report Abuse
|||try bio oil. i hear its really great for that|||laser

How does one get rid of pimple scars and other dark marks from their body and face?

I have little marks on my hands and face that are very obivious and makes my facial appearance look bad! I am wheatish color (light brown) is there any good cream to get rid of these scars and marks? I%26#039;ve already tried No Mark and other local creams.|||You can use cream which contain Benzoyl Peroxide. It really works on me and it not only makes those horrid scars disappear but also control pimples.|||vitamin e oil or ointment daily for about 6-8 wks|||i have combination skin and i use origins%26#039; %26quot;a perfect world%26quot; lotion which has evened out my skin tone and texture and all the little pimple scars and whatnots on my face are gradually fading away.|||apply a lot of skin toner and skin whitener.

How can I get rid of acne scars without causing more breakouts?

Okay, so I%26#039;ve been given a few ways to prevent acne, especially natural recipes; now can anyone tell me a good way to get rid of deep facial acne scars? I%26#039;ve been using a natural product called Scargo, and its been working, but at a very slow rate. I%26#039;m afraid my face produces more acne then the scar solution can cure the afterwards of. Anyone got any ideas??

Thanks:-)|||Acne scarring is perhaps worse than the acne itself.

My acne scars weren%26#039;t horrible. They probably weren%26#039;t even that noticeable after I put on my foundation. However, I certainly noticed them and that was all it took to bother ME.

If you%26#039;ve got acne scars, you may feel a bit helpless. But you don%26#039;t have to because there are alternatives to getting rid of acne scars. And you CAN do something about it.

So what do you do about it? Well, there is totally a solution ... actually there are many.

These are NATURAL treatments.

Now, just because you hear the word %26quot;natural%26quot;, I don%26#039;t want you to shake your head and think you need to just buy some over the counter miracle cream. These remedies WORK! And you%26#039;ll find that by consistently using them, your acne scars WILL fade just like mine did.

So without further ado, here are my favorite natural acne scar solutions:

Vitamin E

Don%26#039;t underestimate the power of this healing lotion. You can get it at any drugstore in topical form. I have a HUGE bottle of it under my sink :) . Vitamin E naturally heals scars by moisterizing the damaged skin. Use it everyday to fade away acne scars.

Cocoa Butter

This one should be used carefully. If your acne is not already under control, cocoa butter does pose the threat of additional breakouts. However, if you%26#039;re using the 3 Day Cure technique and your skin is finally clear, this is a powerful healing tool. Cocoa Butter will soften skin, lighten the scars and make them fade into nothing. I love this one. By the way, Cocoa Butter also works great on fading stretch marks.


Okay, this is totally gonna change your life! Honey works overtime on acne %26amp; acne scars. Yes, Honey! When I first learned about this natural remedy, I was pretty bewildered. The sound of it alone is confusing. Honey is a sticky, sugary substance. How can it possibly clear up skin?

Honey kills bacteria while simultaneously lessens the red look of irritated skin. The acidity in the honey evens out your skin tone, shrinks current pimples and will give your skin a softer feel. Listen, I know you may be skeptical of this solution. I was at first, then I tried it. This natural acne scar remedy works great.


Lemon will help clear up acne as well as fade acne scars. Plus your face will smell like a freshly shined harwood floor, so that%26#039;s a plus ;)

The acidity in the juice will lighten the redness of the scars and balance your skin%26#039;s pH levels to prevent future breakouts. Give it a shot.

You can find a lot of other natural acne treatments and acne scar treatments through the source link below.

What can i use to make my scars dissapear?

I have a lot of old acne scars and i want them to fade. I want something i can use or make at home(like common household supplies). Also, do you any ways to shrink my pores and remove my black heads?(household supplies pls) :D|||bio-oil is wonderful! I have an old scar on my knee, and I%26#039;ve really seen a difference. I would imagine, it would also work on acne scars. You can use ice cubes to shrink your pores. Simply slide an ice cube on a clean face, before you apply your makeup. Your makeup will be flawless.|||Mederma works wonders on scars! I had several surgical scars that you can barely see now. Its about $20 a tube, but well worth it! ( You%26#039;ll porbably only need one tube for everything)|||i heard that Bio-Oil works good (im thinking of buying it since i have scars too)... u can buy it at shoppers drugmart