Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How to get rid of black spots, scars and pimples on face?

I am having many smaal pimples and black spots on my face.

How to get rid of all those smaal pimples.|||Check out my blog on how to use lemons to clear up your face.|||use a Buff Puff but don%26#039;t overdo it. Wash your face 2x/day with something designed for acne. For the blackheads, put a hot, wet cloth on your face to open the pores and gently squeeze them out. Then wash and splash with cold water to close the pores.|||It%26#039;s nothing to do with diet or dirt or lifestyle.

Your hormones have kicked in. See the doctor and get professional advice.|||FOR PIMPLES:

Oh! No! It%26#039;s A Zit Attack Mask

submitted by Jeanine Pollak

Why do zits have the most impeccable timing for creating misery and havoc with your otherwise gorgeous face? Who knows? But short of leaving the country, here is a favorite %26quot;make-me-look-better-right-now-before-I-鈥?herbal mask. It is best preceded by a few minutes of herbal facial steam with roses, sage, thyme, and chamomile. This is great for oily skin.

Yield: 1 Application

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Price Category: 1

Difficulty Level: 1

Shelf Life: None, keep refrigerated


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1 teaspoon green clay

1 teaspoon liquid honey

1 teaspoon yogurt *or* sour cream

1 drop rose geranium essential oil

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Blending Procedure:

Combine all ingredients to mix well. Add essential oil last and mix well.

To use, say your Zit-Away Prayers, and spread this fragrant, soothing, and deeply cleansing %26quot;Wonder Mask%26quot; on your skin. Lay down and relax for up to an hour. If anyone tries to bother you, don%26#039;t worry; you%26#039;re quite a frightful sight, all green and gloppy and such, and obviously deserve your %26quot;Beauty Rest%26quot;. When you feel ready, rinse off with warm water, finish with a splash of cool water. Continue with your day and enjoy your newfound beauty secret!


Comments: %26quot;This is a life saving recipe!!! gr8 for leaving skin looking fresh just b4 a nite out!%26quot;

Submitted by: hipster

ALSO: Zit Zapper

submitted by HBN President Donna Maria

This easy-as-you-please combination has helped me zap unexpected and annoying zits overnight. Try it!

Yield: 1 application for a zit

Prep Time: seconds

Price Category: 1

Difficulty Level: 1

Shelf Life: Indefinite


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1/4 teaspoon apple cider vinegar

1 drop tea tree essential oil

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Blending Procedure:

Saturate a cotton swap with the apple cider vinegar. Add a single drop of tea tree essential oil. Dab the cotton swab on the zit and leave overnight. Cover with a small band-aid if your pillow might rub Zit Zapper off while you sleep. When you arise, you should notice the zit has diminished.


Comments: %26quot;I get lots of zits, and it%26#039;s good to know there%26#039;s a natural cure!%26quot;

Submitted by: smartie257 %26quot;This actually works! And its a lovely, simple way to take care of those pesky pimples. I made up a small amount of this and keep it in a bottle for use anytime!%26quot;

Submitted by: rakajean %26quot;This is great! I made a small bottle of it and now I can get those pimples away with no worries! My friends always ask me why my skin is so clear and I tell them about Zit Zapper. A friend even asked me to make her some! Great idea!%26quot;

Submitted by: milkothemoo %26quot;I have a very troubled forehead and this really helped it. Thanks so much! %26quot;

Submitted by: kiss xoxo %26quot;I can%26#039;t say enought about this. I tried it last night and saw an improvement in my skin the next morning! My zits were much less visible. THANK YOU!!%26quot;

Submitted by: gigithepoodle|||You can give witch hazel a try.|||use pimple cream|||Black heads is really hard to get rid off, but there are a few creams you can get but is only available from the doctors%26gt;|||try spot creams or face washes/scrubs. that should calm them down a bit . dont wash your face with soap because that tends to clog up ur pores even more. also try bio-oil (you should be able to get this in any chemists or convienience store) this normally smooths out the texture of your face and hides any marks pimples everything xxx|||use a mild skin lightening soap and/or dermaline skin whitening cream.. add a high spf sunscreen to prevent further darkening of spots... the sun is a major contributor of skin pigmentation especially on acne scars.|||Steam your face once in a week.Mash papaya until creamy ,add a few drops of lemon juice to it and apply to the face .This papaya mask clears scars and pimples.For more solutions ,check out|||Dear Friend, you can contact DR RAJAN T.D via email and he being an expert dermatologist based in MUMBAI will give you the best opinion. He has been my skin doctor since last 10 and half years and believe me he is an expert in his field. All the best

Email:|||You can clean your skin with apple cider vinegar as a simple home remedy with great results. More such solutions at|||Perhaps something to do with your hormones better go to the doctor and ask for proper medication or try the proactive stuff my cousin used it and it help her. I hope i can help you and good luck.

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