Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What does it mean when old scars begin to itch a lot?

I have a scar from a surgery a couple years ago in the center of my back and it has started itching like crazy around the scar. I mean everyday this week. I clean my back well (or at least hubby does a pretty good job for me), but it won%26#039;t stop itching. Why?|||usually when a scar starts to itch, it means its healing or atleast getting better.

For example, if you have a cut and it starts to improve, you will start to itch as well.

I also have an experience in this area,, i had a surgery on my leg wheni was a kid and when it was healing, it began to itch like crazy.

But isuggest u dont scratch it because it might worsen the scar and leave a permenant mark on your skin.

Although it itches, try to hold back, and if you really cant stand it, try to scratch it by just barely touching it.. atleast tat is a better way than scracting with full force with your hands. ^^

Hope this helped~|||dry skin?

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