Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What is the best way to clear scars quickly but not too expensive?

I have some major scars and I want to get rid of them fast what can I do? Im only 15 years old am I too young whats best for me. I need some one that is pro with all these scar products|||The only way to get rid of scars fast is to have them removed surgically or resurfaced with a laser - obviously, neither of these methods is cheap.

But if you don%26#039;t mind taking your time, any product with Vitamin E (lotions, body washes, oils) will help scars fade.|||bio oil works amazing. It%26#039;s a very good product and you can get it anywhere, any drugstore, even Walmart. It%26#039;s specialized for any type of scars. But it%26#039;s kind of expensive.. about $10 or even a bit more|||cocoa butter.

im half black and i scar terribly easy.

rub it on every night, and itll go away|||i have the same thing.

i take about 4 vitamin e pills a day,

use scar gel,

and rub eucerin alll over my arms/legs.

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