Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How can i get rid of bad scars/skin on my face?

I have little pits on my cheeks and nose from some acne scarring, there are not to big like the size of a sewing needle but they bother me, especially the two on my nose. What dermalogical procedures or methods can I use to correct this? My skin tone by the way is considered in the olive category if this makes a difference.|||I got rid of my scars with the zenmed scar repair kit really works, I have zero acne scars and great skin.|||well something professional you could do is get a peeling.

Its almost like a facial and they put a peeling mask on you and itll reduce the look of acne scarring alot! My aunt had it done and she looks great im not sure of the cost but hear its not too expensive.

another thing which is cheaper and may take longer is buy a vitamin E oil and rub it on your face with a cotton ball. this will minimize the look of the scars but it needs to be used often and consistently so youll see the best results

good luck!|||go to any drug store near you. they should probably sell vitamin E. you can get it in any form oil, cream, etc. put it on b4 bed for the next 1-2 months

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