Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How can I remove scars on my face quicker?

I have acne and Im REALLY irritated with the scars they leave back. Sometimes I even scratch them so its even worse. Do you know any recipes to remove the scars quicker? PLEEEEAAASE help!


2. if it is really bad, see a dermatologist instead of a beauty consultant. dermatologists can provide you with a list of medical soaps and creams, etc... to help you heal your face. and it always works!

I am 26 now, but I remember my acne days, and my dermatologist was the key!|||go to a dermatologist|||i have found a product that does help erase scars, i got in a car accident and cut a huge gash in my left eyebrow. Needless to say i was horrified and searched for anything that would work! Emu Oil! i swear by it not only for scars but also burns! it has a distinct smell but you can mix it with your face lotion or wash it off after 20 min. give it a try. If you cant find it. contact me. i will send you some. by the way it speeds up the healing process. do some research on it. you will be amazed if you do actually try it.|||Don%26#039;t touch your face - you will make it worse!!

Red scarring will fade over time, so try to reduce new outbreaks by washing your face twice a day or using a treatment.

this might be of help:

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