Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How do I get rid of my new and old acne scars?

I have skin thats kind of like a multi- racial person, I have tried everything from AcneCure to ProActiv. Its almost my junior year in high school and I need to really do something about it before the prom and yearbook pictures.|||I know how you feel. I used to buy products like ProActiv thinking it would help, it turns out I have sensitive should try purity made simple by philosophy. It is GREAT! It is just a one-step cleanser. To mosturize try their Hope in a Jar. Both are very gentle, but cleared up my skin, that other stuff was too harsh any only made my acne worse.

Hope you find something that works for you!!|||put vaseline on your face and go to bed but try not to get ir rubbed off, leave it on overnight|||t go to a reputable doctor a dermatologist. your skin should have the best of Carree, If your parents don%26#039;t have insurance, get a little part time job. There are some amazing treatments out there. research on the web, laser, chemical peels done by the right person will give u baby smooth,beautiful fresh skin. High school is special get a move on don%26#039;t wait ! Go to a reputable doc now! Don%26#039;t fish on Internet for possible quack cures that might backfire! they will teach u to care for your particular skin! Go be all u can be and reach for the stars!|||well i go to this site called and you can find everything you need to know about acne. Most ppl get accutane but it has harsh side effect to it but there is also natural remedies like vitacure b5 which clears your skin and stops it from being oily then some ppl swear by apple cider vinegar yes vinegar two table spoons. Then i take broccomax vitamins which is really good and im going to try this new one ppl are talking about which is called a green smoothie which consist of kale, green leafy veg only and apple, papaya, and bananas. which you drink four to six times daily will clear you up. I use to take vita cure b5 zinc vitamins and that helped alot im 28 and still fighting the war on acne. So i hope this helped good luck and good to never give up.|||CoCoa Butter should get rid of your old Scars. Have you tried Noxzema ? That works!!|||I would go to an licensed estethecian (sp) and have her analyze your skin. Then she can get you on a good skincare regiment and you can get %26quot;man%26quot; facials or a series of chemical peels that take off dead skincells and clears up your face, it will give it an even tone. This has helped me tremendously. I am 25 and going through adult acne and uneven skintone. she has been taking care of my skin for two months and I barely have any acne or scarring and my face looks fresh and new!!|||There is this stuff called aminogenesis. Look for it on ebay for the best price. It isn%26#039;t cheap but it is awesome. It fights wrinkles and acne at the same time, heals scars, burns, truly unbelievable. I use it daily and I do NOT sell it. Look for aminogenesis facial repair on ebay and when the 1st jar is gone trust me you will be happy with the results and want another one.|||my best bet would have to be 100% vitamin E cream... it worked for me.|||check a doctor|||Miderma helps get rid of scars also try some neutrogena products thats can help

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