Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What does everyone find most effective for ridding oneself of nasty scars?

I have several nasty brown scars in my stomach adn hips from an accident several months ago. I really don%26#039;t want to be left with them whilst wearing a bikini this summer when on holiday with both me friends, and with my family. It will really down on my confidence, and I was wondering what you have all tried and which of the many potions out there I can use to make them go most effectively.

Thank you so much.|||Bio Oil - It%26#039;s made for reducing the visability of scars and stretch marks. It really works well too, my mum used it on stretch marks after having twins. I also used it on my shoulder on scars from an operation.

UK -

USA -|||I have scars also, and I found that the cheapest and best way to get rid of them very quicky is to buy some Vitamin E capsules, the ones with liquid inside (any healthfood shop/chemist will have them) and pop them open and rub the liquid onto your scar. :)|||100% agree with the person above me - Bio oil is amazing :) x

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