Saturday, December 26, 2009

What is the best way to get rid of scars and blood spots from preious acne?

I think i finally got control over my bad acne on my back shoulders and arms but it left blood spots and scars. Wondering if there is some way to help get rid of those. I see on older men the bad scaring and pot holes in there backs from acne is there any way to prevent that?|||Go to the sea. I had bacne before but then after spending a day on the beach the sea water left my back completely clean.|||see a dermatologist. They can recomend the best possible solution that wont tear you up and cause more problems.|||first of all never scratch or touch if u;ll leave permanent scars........for the blood spots u can use some natural,mild scrub.........and for the scars u can use some lightening cream or rub some pure cocoa may help....and as for preventing those holes......never touch the acne..!!!|||not sure what medicines you have tried or how well they work, but i know laser treatments have worked well for this so far. this can be expensive epending on how many treatments you need. may want to check with your local pharmacist to see what medicines they may recommend for this too. good luck.|||there are tons of medicines and things you can buy =) good luck!|||get derma brasion smooths out the skin

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