Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What is a quick natural way of getting rid of pimple scars?

pimples suck

the scar they leave sucks even more

i dont get that many pimples but the scars they leave are very noticable any natural remedies to make them go away faster?|||If your skin isn%26#039;t super sensitive anymore I would go with puncturing a Vitamin E capsule and squeezing a little on your scars a few times a day! It worked for me!|||cocoa butter, if it won%26#039;t break you out|||there is this stuff u can buy to get ridd of scars|||You can clean your skin with apple cider vinegar as a simple home remedy with great results. More such solutions at|||Try talking to a dermatologist...they%26#039;d know what to do :)|||Try vitamen E. you just get it at a grocery store and then put it on the pimple scar before you go to bed and each day you will notice it getting lighter and lighter|||You should try using %26quot;bio-oil%26quot;.

From experience i can say its not exactly quick but it does work.|||put pigeon poop on them

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