Saturday, December 26, 2009

What is the best way to get rid of or lighten scars?

I am developing a scar from laser treatment and want to know the best ointments or creams that I can use to not scar or at least make it almost invisible.|||drink aloe vera...i had a scar on my knee from an old road hockey injury and i started to drink aloe vera can find it in most supermarkets and even local convenience shops. it helps lighten the scar dramatically within a week of starting to drink it. what use to be an big ugly scar is now, next to non-existent. you can even try getting the leaves of the plant itself and rubbing that on your scar.

hope this helps.

best of luck|||Five methods to reduce the scars:

1. Massage method;

2. Ginger friction method;

3. Vitamin E smear method;

4. Vitamin C smear method;

5. Lavender essential oil smear method:

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