Monday, December 14, 2009

How can I get rid of scars and stretch marks?

I%26#039;ve use oil out of the capsules (vitamine E) in its actually good, it got rid of the dark parts. But I know theres other stuff out there that really works too but like what?|||Really CocoButter with Shea is good! But if that doesn%26#039;t work the only thing left would be surgery but give the cocobutter a try! It helped me with my stretch marks from my pregnancy!|||Mederma works really well for scars, you apply it once or twice a day and they lighten up in a couple of weeks.|||that stuff works if you really only have stretch marks and haven%26#039;t developed the kangaroo pouch... no hope for that... and dont%26#039; gimme this crap about oh i had kids. my ex wife - 2 kids - flawless, my ex girl 4 kids - flawless... it%26#039;s all about your body type...|||Not to sound science-fiction-y, but laser therapy does wonders sometimes with burns ? But I think that%26#039;d be a bit too drastic, if it%26#039;s not needed.|||walmart has a lotion in the pharmacy aisle in a purple tube

it is over the counter and i dont remember the name but if you ask them they will point it out. My nephew used it on his back after spine surgery and it really helped

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