Thursday, December 17, 2009

How can you get rid of pimple scars with quick and easy home remedies?

I had a few pimples that I squeezed and now I have scars. Does anyone know if I can cure them before the end of the weekend? I would like to use Home remedies that you can make with stuff around the house. Creams are okay too, so if you have had something similar to my problem and you know about a cream of medicine that is good, you can suggest that too. Please only nice, helpful comments. Thanks!|||I pretty much swear by lemon juice. Not the kind in the bottle, fresh squeezed. Just take a q-tip and swab lemon juice on the marks. Ten minutes a day should do it (although I leave it on overnight) and they%26#039;ll fade. I%26#039;ve been doing it for two weeks now and I don%26#039;t have to wear makeup to cover them! Try it, and don%26#039;t waste money on crappy products like I did. Good luck!|||That used to happen to me cause i was really picky with my face. When i would pop a zit n it would make a scar the only thing i did was wash my face wit soap twice a day than after that put some acne on the spot cream. For me it went away 2 days. I hope this works for me|||I don%26#039;t think getting rid of them before the weekend is doable. If anything I would suggest some concealer or other make-up for the weekend. Then use vitamin e (something like Bio-oil) to help minimize the scars in the long term.|||You can use a crushed up asprin with a little water and put it on the scar or lemon juice can help too.|||Neosporin(sp?) works great...or something you might have at home would be vasalien (sp?)

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