Thursday, December 17, 2009

How to lighten scars by using home remedies?

I have lots of scars especially on my legs and on my face(acne scars). I have been very self conscious and I never ever wear skirts or shorts above my knees. The scars make the skin on my leg look uneven.Do you have any home remedies which can really help? And I prefer remedies containing easy to find products.I envy my friends who have smooth legs. So, do you know how to make your legs appear smooth and sexy besides using a shave? Please help!|||You can buy vitamin E capsules, open them up and apply liquid directly to scar everyday. My sister did this it made it go almost completely away. It took awhile though. Good luck.|||this reply is old....but anyway do you know how long she used the capsules for? i really need to get rid of some scars i have, they are dark, annoying and embarrasing

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there is a load of home remedies for acne scars, ect. Ground nutmeg, now that was a new one for me. But why not, anything thats not toxic is worth a shot. if nothing you are going to smell like pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving day! how bad is that?? Good luck. I know my friend finally found a way to get surgery to fix her pox marks. The only thing it doesnt work for everyone, my cousin had it done and it looks worst than before surg. and for your legs, if you dont want to shave, Veet, or WAX. Good luck with everything|||Use something like Nair and for the scars use a self tanner.|||CVS has scar-fading treatments that work well, but they do take time. I%26#039;ve been using PreVentin-AT Advanced Scar Therapy on a minor scar on my leg from canoeing as well as acne scars, and it has been working to make them less noticeable. I have heard of vitamin E capsules working well, too, I just haven%26#039;t used them myself.

As for smooth legs...Nair works well if you don%26#039;t want to shave, but be prepared for a strong smell and possibly redness on your skin after using it. And when I really want sexy legs, I%26#039;ll exfoliate with a scrub, spending at least 10 minutes on each leg rubbing with medium - not rough - pressure. Then I use Coppertone Endless Summer Gradual Tan overnight. It takes time to work, and I wash off the residue in the morning to get rid of the smell. This self-tanner makes the skin on my legs look more even-toned without making it too dark or orange-y.|||Go to Walgreen%26#039;s, they have a product that is made for that. Ask one of the sales Lady%26#039;s to help you. I know some one who swears by it. About your legs...Get your self some exfoliating gloves. They have them at Walmart. I use them and I have very smooth legs...I%26#039;m 43! See what I mean!! Good Luck! = )

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