Tuesday, December 22, 2009


how do u get rid of scars?i have some scars on my legs from a few months ago when i had a rash and itched the hell out of myself.|||As Tracey suggested--Cocoa Butter---I have used several 15 0z jars of Queen Helene (R) Cocoa Butter Creme for in excess of 180 stable stitches on frontal torso, upper inner thighs and the scars unless muscle tissue had to be cut are barely, if at all, visible. When I stated four years ago, and still use, the cocoa butter creme, would wear a %26quot;T%26quot; shirt to go swimming. Now I go swimming without the %26quot;T%26quot; shirt.|||Pure cocoa butter.. can get it in yellow tubes, looks like a huge chapstick at Walgreens. Rub it in. The pressure from rubbing helps break down eth scar tissue and your body will reabsorb it|||Mederma....the best OTC scar remover|||there are some creams out there that can replace some scar tissue, do a search for it, like %26quot;scar removal cream%26quot; or something. you should be able to find something.|||I like Mederma. It%26#039;s a topical cream that minimizes the appearance of scars and shin discolorations. It%26#039;s a bit pricy, but worth it.|||You can%26#039;t unless you have plastic surgery...you can try the Derma type creams and see if that lessens them, but some people are prone to scaring more than others....|||you could try things like mederma or cocoa butter

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