Thursday, December 17, 2009

What is the best treatment for acne scars?

I have an oily skin and i have been having acne for over 20 years and now i have scars. I am looking for in home treatment if is possible.|||The best treatment for acne scars I%26#039;ve ever used is Neutrogena acne mark fading peel. I use it on my scars every day until they go away.|||Use Vitamin E to Reduce Scars

* Buy vitamin E in oil or capsule form. If you choose capsule form, you will need a sterile pin as well as the capsule, to poke the capsule and expel some of th vitamin E oil.

* Clean the scar or wound area very carefully. Vitamin E is not antibacterial or anti-fungal. If fungus or bacteria is on the area where the scar or wound is located, unless you clean it properly, the vitamin E oil may trap the bacteria and provide fertile breeding grounds for an infection.

* Expel some oil onto a cotton swab. If you use the vitamin E capsule, poke the outer shell of the capsule and squeeze the oil onto the cotton swab. Be careful not to touch the oil directly with your hands, or to spill the oil on clothing or upholstery.

* Dab the vitamin E oil on the scar or wound. Lightly coat the area with the vitamin E oil. Do not rub the oil in; you want to dab carefully.

* Cover the area with a light layer of gauze if you are concerned about the vitamin E oil getting on fabric, in eyes, or on upholstery. Do not use a bandage over the vitamin E oil; this can trap bacteria or fungus as well.

* Keep the vitamin E oil on the scar or wound for at least 4-5 hours before washing the area. Wash the area after 8 hours, to remove trapped bacteria or fungus.

* Apply vitamin E to the scar at least once a day for a few weeks, or until the scar has healed. you may need to apply vitamin E oil for one to two months for best results.|||The natural ways to remove scars are easy and safe. Find out about different natural acne scar removal methods and decide which method is best suited for you. Following are some of the effective tips of removing acne scars in a natural way.

Water plays a vital role in the natural acne scar removal process. Drink sufficient water and regular intake of water helps the skin to retain its natural moisture and removes the dead cells. It also helps to form new cells of the skin and hides the acne scars. Drinking enough water helps to flush out the toxins and results into glowing skin.Prepare a home pack by mixing rose water and sandalwood and apply it on the scars. You can also use aloe Vera or natural seed oils for the removal of acne scars in a natural way.

This has proven beneficial results.Check out

for more useful info.|||Acne Free in 3 Days !!!!!!!

I try this and it work for me :) Can you try is too :) Good Luck|||pure sandal wood powder is the best treatment for scars.. but you must apply only on the scars.. it takes time and gives good result too..

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