Thursday, December 17, 2009

What is a good cream to heal scars and marks?

I am using salvon at the moment because someone said it is the best but it doesn%26#039;t seem to be doing anything.|||Oh Dear,

you have to understand that scars and marks should be deal professionally, i mea with a Medical Doctor that specializes in Dermatology (Skin, Hair and Nails Doctors)

Many factors to be considered in dealing with it,

first, the cause of the scar/marks

second, how deep such affects the skin; and i am sorry to tell you that scars that deeply penetrates the skin cannot be healed through creams and medicines, they need surgical intervention.

So i suggest to see your Dermatologist for Treatment ASAP|||Vitamin E oil is one of the best things to put on your skin. It can lighten scars (depending on how deep they go), but won%26#039;t make it completely invisible. Your dermatologist can help out if the scars are large and deep. I%26#039;d try straight Vitamin E oil if they are not. Or a lotion that says it has Vitamin E in it.|||try bio oil, i heard its really good, i might try it =]

i think it helps with like strech marks and stuff to , lol might come in handy ?

hope this helped x x x|||bio-oil

Very good, I used it and it works really well.

|||Bio Oil is the best at removing scars and blemishes.

You cant beat it.|||Bio Oil !|||Got to be Bio Oil. Its Great.|||Bio Oil is good but a bit pricey|||bio oil|||Vitamin E Helps Or try Mederma.|||use bio oil

its good :-)|||neosporin

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