Monday, December 14, 2009

How can i get rid of scars from a recent beach outing?

We recently had a beach outing with my friends and i got so many scars from the corals %26amp; stones as I walked through the waters. They are everywhere from my foot, limbs, and even my hands they%26#039;ve got some, maybe when i got stumbled out of balance. They are so annoying and I want to get rid of them quickly. Please help me with your suggestions. Thanks so much!|||Mederma scar cream is excellent, also use Palmer%26#039;s cocoa butter if you have redness and itching around the wounds, it lubricates the skin so that scars are less likely to form. If you treat your scars early they should heal well. If you still have wounds, treat them with neosporin or other medicinal ointment and keep them covered with band-aids, because wounds that don%26#039;t dry out and heal cleanly are less likely to form bad scars.|||Maderma cream. It%26#039;s over the counter for scars and stretch marks. Just don%26#039;t apply them on open wounds. Use it regularly untill the scars fade/disappear.|||They have some stuff called Mederma and something by Band-Aid I think. The best thing to do is get something prescribed from your doctor. That is what I did for my daughter - just remember, they will never go away, just fade.

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