Monday, December 14, 2009

How can i make my cutting scars go away?

I%26#039;ve been cutting on and off for a year now and i have a lot of scars/cuts on my right thigh. Im now serious about stopping , but im sure there going to leave nasty scars. Is there any laser removal or something that i could get to stop them from looking so noticable?|||use neosporin as well as aloevera plant and alovera ointment you can also use some Noxzema cream all of these products that i have mentioned will help reduce the scarring from happening or minimize it also talk to your family doctor he might help with laser treatment as well as give you some advice on where to get some sort of mental health help IE:for your self mutilation diagnosis and your doctor can refer you to support groups as well as therapy/and also family counsling therapy no one is worth you cutting your self and hurting yourself you are not hurting anyone but your self and that%26#039;s not right you are somebody your special and don%26#039;t let no one tell you different you can try writing,or doing poems,doing artwork to express your ways/feelings in a positive manner instead of a negative manner and you have to belive in yourself and think that you are worthy don%26#039;t cut yourself if you need some one to talk to ill be your friend I%26#039;m a mental health advocate as well as a mental health consumer|||by not doing it! i hate people who cut. Report Abuse

i once carved a star in to my wrist and would carve it in over and over again everday for about 3 months

and once i stopped cutting or carving the star in to my wrist the scar just faded.

so like as time goes on the scar will fade|||i hope u get some answers this is so wierd cuz i used to cut but only ever on my left thigh!|||if you put mederma on it every night, it will reduce the scarring. i had a really bad burn on my right leg and it radically helped. good luck!

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