Monday, December 14, 2009

How can I get rid of scars without buying tubes and tubes of scar-fixing cream?

I have a bunch of old scars from poison ivy, bug bites, knee scrapes, etc on my legs. I have bought scar removing or at least diminish creams in the past, but they haven%26#039;t done much. Is there something else I could do? Perhaps a home remedy or something? Or is there a cream that works within the first few uses?|||It takes at least six months of using a scar minimizing cream four times per day in order to see serious results on old scars. Eight weeks for new scars, but even then I%26#039;d still use them. Still, they%26#039;d only be minimized, but if you looked closely they%26#039;d still be visible. I like Mederma.

Arnica gel does amazing things rather quickly with bumps and bruises. Calendula helps with to smooth out scars. Either way you go, it%26#039;s going to take dedication to consistently use the products you buy.|||heya

mix together

coconut oil,

vitamin e oil,

lavender oil,

almond oil,

jojoba oil,

and rosehip

will fade in a matter of weeks Report Abuse
|||use a cocoa base moisturizer, cocoa is good for scars and such

but its a scar

a scar doesnt go away

scar means permanent scratch! plus you prob have tons of storys to go along with them anyways lol

theres this sally hansen spray-on leg makeup, that covers up scars veins, bruises etc. for like 15$ at the local drugstore. you put it on let it dry and it wont get on your clothes or anything unless you put water on your legs (So that menas you can wash it off later) maybe try that and see how you like it :)|||If it is a big can have surgical scar revision. If it is a smaller scar, lazer treatments can be effective.|||If your a girl, put make-up? Scars will heal, no need to rush|||Ask ur doctor or dermatalogist.|||live with it

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