Monday, December 14, 2009

I am an ethnic woman with scars from cystic acne, Is there a quick and inexpensive way to lighten these scars?

My skin color is like Halle Berrys and I have an olive undertone so the scars showed up dark purple to red. The acne scars are on my face.|||Sweety stay away from the peels and acids! If you are a girl with ethnic skin tones these things could bleach you out. The only thing I would use (and I do use it) is Ambi Cream. It%26#039;s cheap, it%26#039;s made for darker skin, it works. :) hope this helps|||What kind of scars do you have? Do you have holes on your face or excess tissue scars on your face, or do you just have discoloration? I would go see a dermatologist, specifically doctors who work at a university, because they are probably doing research, while they are practicing. Report Abuse
|||well.....there%26#039;s this stuff called prefer on. I%26#039;ve seen it on commercials and i don%26#039;t know how much it costs, but it worked really good from what i saw!! And if you can%26#039;t get rid of the scars, just try a Cover Up that matches your skin tone. But there is a lazer surgery that makes your skin as good as new!! Don%26#039;t worry, I have that acne scar problem too, and i%26#039;m probley going to try prefer on!|||try AHA peels|||use a mild skin lightening soap (black licorice soap) and/or dermaline skin whitening cream to lighten any dark skin pigmentations and even out skin tone.

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