Monday, December 14, 2009

How can i get rid of spot scars and shaving scars on my legs?

I recently had a breakout due to to much sweets and now have big splotchy scars that still show even with foundation and concealer on them!How can i get rid of these?

And when i have especially with new razors i get nasty cuts sometimes and for months ive had these purple scars and are still not disappearing so how can i get rid of them as well?|||Bio Oil is great to get rid of scars although it takes months for the best result and it is quite pricey, but I garnutee it%26#039;ll work.|||Use Mederma. Although it may be a hassle applying it multiple times a day, it worked for me. I had scars over 10 years old and by using the product over a couple weeks they are barely visible.|||one of my friends had this problem. she went to the dermatologist and they gave her some cream that took them away. she also used lubriderm and it also took them away

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