Monday, December 14, 2009

How to remove scars that happened due to an accident?

Since there are more scars on my face, it looks bad, need some remedies to cure it. It happene due to an accident while travelling,|||there is a product called scar away that you can buy at the drug store...i%26#039;ve heard it works|||There%26#039;s a cream named Tepescohuite from mexico, believe me any scrape,burn cut whatever, it heals it and you wont get any scars. I had an accident in the kitchen and hot oil splattered on my neck and my friend who had recently gone to mexico gave me this cream and in less than three weeks I had no signs of burns on my neck.|||There are all sorts of scar removing creams out there which should be able to help.鈥?/a>

|||apply coconut oil on da scars regularly|||Try using Bio Oil, not sure whether it works though!

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