Monday, December 14, 2009

How can I hide scars from self injury during the summer?

I stopped a while back,

but I still have some nasty scars.

Is there I can cover them without haveing to wear long sleeves all the time?|||Makeup.

If they%26#039;re still red, use a green concealer product (or a nonsparkily goopy eyeshadow but make sure it%26#039;s like a ice or soft green....kinda pastelish, rather than a forest green) as the base. Then put liquid foundation over than. Then powder foundation over that. Then dust the covered area and the surrounding area with baby powder so that it matches your skin tone.

It won%26#039;t be waterproof, but you should be able to get away with short sleeves.

For a long term solution try a scar product like Mederma.

Congrats on recovering. Stay strong.|||i have many on my arms and legs from when i was younger. I used to hide them all the time wearing jackets and jeans in the summer. I dont hide them anymore ... i have gotten over the fact that there never gonna go away so i wear what i want and if people look oh well and if they ask i will tell the truth that i used to and Ive stopped. I cant let a bad period of my life control the rest of it life because i have to hide my body.|||you need to start trying to get rid of them if you havent already. i would sugest to use mederma thats what i use for my scars on my wrists.|||Right, stupid I know but just put foundation were the scars are %26amp; if that doesn%26#039;t work find bright coloured sleeves so they won%26#039;t attract the heat as much.|||I guess u can check abt it here!

My usual site for beauty|||Pour seasoning all over your left thumb

and then toss the salad with your toes.|||Cuff bracelets or sweatbands.|||Bracelets like bangles work for the ones on the wrist|||foundation with some bronzer works for me

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