Monday, December 14, 2009

How to make the scars on my legs disappear?

when i wasyoung i had scar from falling and insects bite. the scar is still there! can anyone help me? any useful tips to make it gone?|||use merderma and you%26#039;ll notice achange in scars within a week or two... It%26#039;s MERDERMA sold at walmart for 13.82 and it really works and try Palmer shea butter cream with it|||use sebo de macho|||To prevent stretch marks and scars effectively use cocoa butter or a mixture of olive oil and herbs. You can find more cheap and natural remedies for stretch marks and scars at鈥?/a>|||coco butter

lotions with vitamin E

ask your dr. for special creams|||you could always fake tan that makes it kind of dissappear. you could also try professional makeup. They have stuff on tv now that totally makes it go away or use regular cover up.|||Vitamin e helps decrease the appearance of scars.|||you can%26#039;t|||Try Bio-oil. Its supposed to work on scars, stretch marks etc. A friend of mine used it to help remove scars from her back and it worked!!|||I have a scar on one of my legs too! It%26#039;s 2 cm long and it has been there for 5 years! ( I still have it now) Anyway, scars are permenant and that it can only be effectively remove through laser treatments which are extremely expensive

learn to love your scars...afterall,they are not as bad as stretchmarks|||Most likely if you want to get that scar off from when you were younger you might have to go to the doctor. But I also have a idea that might make that scar go away try putting something hot or cold on it.|||CoaCoa Butter! Or ask a doctor for some special cream!

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