Thursday, December 17, 2009

How do i fade dark spots and scars on my legs?

I have been using cocoa butter for quite some time but i havent seen any great results. I heard that olive oil and shea butter works, is this true and does anybody knows any home remedies for fading them. I would really appreciate anyone%26#039;s advice because i cant wort shorts or skirts or anything and its really embarassing when i go to the beach.|||I use %26quot;sebo de macho%26quot; on the scars.

I also use a papaya soap and apricot scrub.

On elbows, knees and other dark spots, I use Eskinol Facial Cleanser.

But for really dark scars, I use a bleaching cream from my dermatologist. In 1 week, it was like nothing was there in the first place.|||The Body Shop%26#039;s Moisture White Serum. It%26#039;s kinda expensive ($36), but it really works. It helps lighten discoloration by inhibiting melanin production. If you can find any other serum with vitamin C, that will help. too. Unfortunately there aren%26#039;t really any home remedies that actually work...just wives%26#039; tales lol.|||If you go to the beauty store called ulta they have stuff for scars and anything else you need,if you dont have that store near you ,go online!|||there%26#039;s a good source of safe and effective skin lighteners online.. i think it%26#039;s your best bet -

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