Thursday, December 17, 2009

What is the best way to hide scars on your body?

I have one on my leg, its small but very noticable. Its darker than the rest of my skin. Any makeup tricks to make it less noticable?|||Use vitamin E to lessen their effects. and otherwise be who you are, scares and all!|||While the scar is healing you might try any concealer with a yellow base color to hide the scar.|||I have a friend who was burned badly on his torso when he was a child.

He never hid the scar.

We never asked about it.

My kids, when they were little, asked about it.

He said, %26quot;Shark bite.%26quot; And then he told them an adventurous story.

They were in awe. They still revere the man to this day, even though they know he was kidding.

Short answer: If you can%26#039;t hide it, use it.|||BANDIED|||use foundation|||mederma is a good scar reducer. put a dab of concealor on it and rub it in. it will not make it go away but it will help to hide it some. good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!|||make up always works, but did u try some lotion. i know there is some out there and they really work. ask ur dr. about them bc that would b the best bc then u dont have 2 keep putting make up on!!!|||no makeup tricks but in stores now they have a rub on thing you can put on it and is supposed to heal

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