Monday, December 14, 2009

How do I get rid of scars on my body quickly and effectively?

I have quite a few scars on my legs due to exzema and mosquito bites and other various accidents because my skin is really sensitive. It has made me really self-conscious of my body and I want to get ride of them or at least make them less visible before I go on holiday in August.

Is there any effective way to get rid of them without surgery?|||You can get that %26#039;Bio Oil%26#039; stuff.

It%26#039;s supposed to work.

I%26#039;ve never tried it but my friend used it and said it was good.

:)|||look up scar remover or something on the internet or go to your local walgreens or cvs and ask for a scar remover. it comes in a stick like the stick sunscreen. it helps ALOT|||Leave them as they are. They will eventually disappear by themselves.|||bio oil is good, also regularly use moisturisers|||you got to do laser it removes every last scar ^^ it dosen%26#039;t hurt but it costs alot|||hiya, bio oil is great for getting rid of marks,and scars.

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