Monday, December 14, 2009

How do I get rid of scars and black spots?

They aren%26#039;t blackheads, but they come from previous pimples, I think. I don%26#039;t know how to get rid of them, because washing won%26#039;t work.|||For scars, you can use mederma.

For dark spots, buy a lightening cream like Nadionla. It takes a month or so to see a difference, but it works.

They%26#039;re both cheap and available at most drug stores.|||You could try Brown Skin Rx. It%26#039;s pricey but it is effective and it doesn%26#039;t contain hydroquinone which can be damaging to skin. Look up Brown Skin Rx. Hope this helps. Always remember to wear sunscreen it helps reduce hyperpigmentation (dark spots that appear after pimples have healed) Report Abuse
|||i%26#039;ve always recommended this nice black licorice lightening soap.. i%26#039;ve read testimonials that it can clear blemishes too, but the best effect is lightening the facial dark spots, especially acne scars and age spots.. i%26#039;ve tried it on my freckles and i%26#039;ve seen improvements.. it%26#039;s gentle, safe and effective.. the skin lightening cream is a good option too.. here%26#039;s a good source -

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