Monday, December 14, 2009

How noticeable are scars from a breast reduction?

I am considering a breast reduction but am really concerned about the scars. I know that I will be scarred for a while as I heal, but how apparent are the scars long term?

Thanks!|||i had a breast reduction in oct 08. my scars are already fading. my friend who had the same surgery last year by the same doctor has scars that are barely visible. you have to look super closely to even see that they are there.

however, i look at the scar as a very small price to pay for all the benefits that a breast reduction bring. i am VERY happy with my decision to do it.

|||My wife had reduction surgery 20 years ago. The only noticeable scars are around the nipple. And this is slight. They have to remove the nip to re size it and being such an area that does not get much sunshine well the scaring occurred. However today there is vitamin E supplements that you can rub on and take internally to help lessen the scarring. |||Yes, the scars are a VERY small payoff for having the procedure.

The scars will be somewhat noticeable for up to a year, but they fade nicely. Some of it depends on how your body tends to scar. Some people just have noticeable more visible scars than others. I am one of those, but still my BR scars can barely be seen. And, they make the incisions in places where there is a natural seam anyway, like around the nipple and along the underside of the breast.

Best of luck! You%26#039;ll be REALLY happy with this procedure..scars or not!|||This is probably going to seem like TMI but here goes: my best friend had a breast reduction when she was 17 years old. The scars were not too bad afterward. She is now 32 and you can barely tell she had anything done! So, yes there will be scarring but it will fade over time!

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