Monday, December 14, 2009

How can you get rid of acne scars on your arms?

I have little marks on my arms from acne. They aren%26#039;t red. I%26#039;ve tried everything and I can%26#039;t seem to get rid of them. Any help?|||Hi Anna,

So you popped a zit, it starts to bleed, and then it turns into a wee scratch. To top it off, a few days later you have this little dry scab. Well, here are some ways to prevent the rupturing of Acne, and a bit of aid in the healing scars.

1. %26#039;Stop popping!%26#039; It%26#039;s tempting, but honestly, it make things worse. If you absolutely must pop, make sure that the area (and your fingers) are clean and disinfected. Best method of dealing with acne scars and cuts is just to let your body do the works. Keep the irritated area clean and use as little make-up on the area as possible.

2. Use a Scar Treatment. For post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (brown or red marks on the skin) try something like %26quot;Zenmed%26#039;s Scar Treatment Kit%26quot;, Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Acne Mark Fading Peel. Mederma is also a good %26quot;spot%26quot; treatment. For %26quot;ice picks%26quot; or %26quot;crater-like%26quot; scars, which are actual dents in the skin, often the most effective treatment is seeing a doctor.

3. Moisturize and protect. Always use an oil-free moisturizer that has SPF. Try Body Guard Exquisitely Light SPF 30 For Face %26amp; Body.

4. Triple Antibiotic ointment If you put this on overnight, it will fade your scars and get rid of them. Don%26#039;t put too much on in one spot, it can cause your skin to get overly oily

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|||Yea ive had this problem too. For me it was all hereditary, lots of my cousins, aunts, and uncles had it. Honestly I never found a cure, I just fought it best I could and tried not to let it bother me. I would see a dermatologist or pick something up at the store which contains salicylic acid(acne treatment) or triclosan(anti-bacterial). Although for me salicylic acid treatments didn%26#039;t cure acne on my chest or back.|||Some over the counter perceptions will work.. the stuff in my source will also worked. removed a scar on my leg.|||Simply applying this methods :鈥?/a>

If You decide to buy from this site you will get another great acne ebook that describes all. Read motre here:鈥?/a>|||Have you tried Mederma? its a gel you can buy at any drugstore, and it works great!

If all else fails talk to your doctor about laser if they really bother you that much. Its expensive but they will go away instantly|||I got rid of my scars with the zenmed scar repair kit really works, I have zero acne scars and great skin.|||You can Find the solution to your problem in my source site|||you have a lot of choices from chemical peeling to laser peeling and many other ,you can find more about that here|||Talk to a plastic surgeon.|||BIO OIL!!!!!!!!|||my dermatologist told me to use retinol|||your answer is in the site i mentioned in my sources

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