Thursday, December 17, 2009

How to get rid of the cuts and scars on my arms and legs?

What is the best way to get rid of old scars and cuts that are on my arms and legs, along with some acne scars? I don%26#039;t think they are going to go away on their own because I%26#039;ve picked at them for years, but I finally managed to stop. I want to have clear skin for my first year of high school. Any tips?|||Try Vitamin E capsules or Aloe Vera juice (I mean the actual liquids, not the drinks). Both of them are a lot like gel. Rub either on the scars in both the morning and afternoon (not night because you don%26#039;t want it to rub off). They%26#039;re both very cheap.

I%26#039;m going into my first year of High School too this year, GO YELLOW FRESHMEN!|||i was always a picker so always ended with scars.

basically time is the only healer, they will go away (as long as they wernt too deep) in time, mine took a year or so.

you can get these skin creams that say they make the process quicker, but they really are just expensive moisturisers.

just use a normal moisturiser daily.

sun is always a great healer so dont hid your legs away, let them get some sun and you will see the improvement.|||Depends on how deep the scars are. If they are very deep the only thing you can do is smooth them over. I suggest you buy a gentle exfoliater and use it once a day. Drink lots of water, eat a healthy diet, exercise, moisturise and wear sunscreen.|||Exersize. This is the best way to help your body and proper diet. You can try the creams and subh but I have never found anything that removes them. Only things that diminish the sight of them. Use Aloe Vera lotion and take care of your skin. You see some changes in about 6 months.|||Go to the doctors and tell them about it. I%26#039;ve had the same thing. Scars are finally going away after like two years.

Oh yeah and add suntan lotion on them so they don%26#039;t darken in the sun.|||use cocoa butter lotion everyday it will fade the scars

or have lazer surgery|||u can try putting creams on everyday for the rest of ur life i hav a really cool long scar on my neck, I NEVER WANT IT TO GO AWAY!!!!!

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