Thursday, December 17, 2009

How can I get rid of my acne scars without any drastic measures?

I still have some acne, so it can%26#039;t be anything that would irritate my skin. I was looking for a home remedy type thing, and I don%26#039;t want to spend a lot of money. Any advice would be great!|||you can apply lemon juice with honey and turmeric powder

or use honey and aloevera gel

above pack should be kept on skin for 20 minutes|||ok I have 2 products to reccomend Neutrogena facial peel and vita k at home microdermabrasion kit. I am part Am. Indian and have persistant acne. Both of these products work really well and are relatively inexpensive for red/spots and scarring. I have used both of these products with breakouts and they didn%26#039;t cause any extra irritation. I use proactiv and I swear upon everything holy this stuff is a miracle. My mom suffered with acne and her grandfather tol her to use sulfur on her face when she was younger (he was full blooded cherokee). The sulfur mask that proactive has really works! If you have a vaporizer at home, they work as well as they salon facial steamers. Just use it with 1/8 teaspoon salt mixed in with the water and without the inhalant. Hope this helps!|||Apply beaten egg whites (meringue texture) to face . leave on 5 minutes. Rinse off with cool water. You might have to see a dermatologist to get a face peel.|||Chemical facial peel, that is the most effective treatment for acne scar. It works by peeling off a thin layer of skin that carried the scarring and by doing that, the scar will gradually fades away.|||Try CANDULA OIL,it has VITAMIN E in it....

Buy a small bottle,drop about 20 drops into a bottle of body lotion and apply it on your skin 3-4 x daily.

Over time the scars and marks will diminish slowly but visibly.

I%26#039;ve been advised to do the same thing,just started it about a week ago though,so I couldn%26#039;t tell you if it works or not!

(They sell Candula oil at WAL*MART,CVS and Walgreens,

it should be in the section for skincare/first-aid or vitamins).


GOOD LUCK!|||the only thing that I have ever found to work is maderma. All that does is make the scars less visible but not take them away|||Anything with Vitamin C is good. It helps to reduce the appearance but will not get rid of a scar. You can take a couple of strawberries and mash them up, then apply to your face for about 10 mins or so. It%26#039;s a great skin brightener!

If your looking for great home remedies for skin care here is a website I get recipes from all the time: or|||they make various products to reduce the appearance of scars, and if u tan a little it should help them to be less vissible|||i just bought and acne scar treatment kit form rite aid for 20.00. i bought the generic the name brand is Clearisil. i%26#039;ll let u know how it works.|||African shea butter. It%26#039;s comepletly natural and won%26#039;t irritate. You can get it for like $ 10.00 a jar. Put it on every day right after you wash your face. It works for me! Good luck and happy healing!|||Girl I know you said home remedy but if you have acne then pro active!!! that stuff is wonderful, and it doesnt sting.. I paid 19.99 and got a little case full!鈥?/a>

get the three piece 30 day trial kit.. its 20 bucks, and it lasted for me.. and after your acne is gone instead of stocking up on more pro active you can just keep your face clean with cleansers from wal mart!|||sand paper works !!|||Acne and pimples is one of the most distressing and depressing problems faced mostly by youngsters. Soak cotton wool in mint juice, and apply every day. Mix cinnamon powder with lime juice to make a fine paste, Apply on pimples.There are more such remedies at

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