Monday, December 14, 2009

What are scars like for ethnic women who have had breast reduction?

The doctor said ethnic women scar worse than other women, I have light brown skin, and I want some insight on those who have this or similar experience. And how did you determine what size was right for you? Now I am 42DD, 5%26#039;2 and 154 lbs., I was thinking a C cup, but I am unsure.|||From what I understand, people of darker complexion have higher keyloids in their skin. Not to be confused with the tumorous type, but these may cause raised areas or discoloration at the incision site. These happen when the skin heals after surgery or injury. My legs are pocmarked with the visual remains of old bumps and scrapes, and my daughter%26#039;s is too. Apparently, we just don%26#039;t heal that well to a cosmetic appeal.

I would ask a dermatologist for some more insight into this.

Hope this helps.


the team|||a C cup sounds like it would suit your body perfectly.

i don%26#039;t have personal experience with this, but i%26#039;ve a medical channel freak, and the only reason i can think of as to why it would be worse, is that the scars form dark with ethnic color skin. so it may not be the scar its self that is worse, rather just the color.

however if you%26#039;re unsure, you may want to talk to your Doctor and ask him what he means.

hope this helps

~Sabby~|||Unfortunately, people with darker skin do have a tendency of developing keloid scars (which are raised) or darker scarring. I actually had a reduction a few weeks ago and I have medium brown skin. The scars are not wide at all but thin like a pen mark. The scars are pretty dark but I will be using mederma until the scars have faded. To me, the scarring is not all that horrible on me. I am 5%26#039;6%26quot; 135lbs and was a 36DD. I will be a 36C when all the swelling goes away. A C cup sounds just right for you. I dont think anyone should ever go to a A or B cup. good luck!

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