Thursday, December 17, 2009

What is the best product to fade acne scars?

What are good products %26amp; ways to get rid of acne scars? I%26#039;ve seen many products at the store, but I want to know which ones actually work so I won%26#039;t waste my money. Also if there are good ways at home to make them go away, I would appreciate recommendations! Thanks!|||I start using oil Olay products and help a lot to me they are oil free. And eventually evens you skin that scars fade out|||do you mean red marks or indented scars?

If you mean red marks, MD formulations glycolic cleanser is brilliant. Well worth the money.|||Buy Clinique Acne-Solutions.|||this is a neat home remedy. I%26#039;ll just giove you the website instead of going into details. Its the newest entry about an electric toothbrush.

She has the coolest beauty tips. I started using the electric toothbrush technique about a week ago and its worked wonders so far. I used to go to my derm for microdermabrasion, but then i moved so i havent gone in a long time, but i think this works better. Plus, its only about 7 bucks for an electric toothbrush as opposed to $550 a visit.


I just use any old facial scrub to do this, it dosent really matter if you get the products she suggests.|||try ambi skin cream from a drug store. make sure to get the kind for ur skin combination. also murad face cleansin products work miracles! seriously! check out i had this break out last year and bought a murad skin kit and i swear the pimples AND old acne marks were completely gone n no more than 2 weeks. it also brightened my complexion. that stuff really works miracles. and it feels so tingly! i love it!!!

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