Monday, December 14, 2009

How can I get rid of acne scars quickly?

I have been using a vitamin e cream which seems to help but not completely. I also have really oily skin. Are there any simple remedies for that?|||skin brighteners, and cocoa butter, they helped me. the skin brightener i use is called ULTRA GLO, u should try it, and u could find cocoa butter any where, just dont use too much at once or ull look greasy|||Read tips on Reducing the Appearance of Scars, Stretch marks, Skincare and Home Remedies to help you better on this site|||For your oily skin I would recommend a homemade scrub of baking soda and water, but don%26#039;t scrub your scars, pls.

I%26#039;m not sure how to answer about the scars, are they old, recent, raised, pitted, etc.

Good luck!|||Get Laser treatments...they work great!!

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