Monday, December 14, 2009

What is the fastest way to heal scars on the face?

I pop my pimples and leave dark spot for a long eventually heals but i want it gone asap..any medicine or vitamin i dunno help me!|||try getting them REALLY cold and they might just fall off in a few days or weeks. works for me. :D|||sperm|||Don%26#039;t do it - or only do it after you%26#039;ve softened your skin up with moist heat so you do less damage.

Not sure there%26#039;s a way of speeding the healing of a bruise. (I%26#039;m assuming the dark spot is from blood under your skin.) You might be able to use some concealer to make it less visible.

Try getting some acne on-the-spot (or whole face) gel to try to make them smaller/less frequent in the first place.|||Rub horseradish on your face.|||Comfrey ointment is the go for scar tissue or healing skin and sores of all kinds (not open wounds).

Comfrey is a herb and you may have difficulty buying it as a health/healing ointment because the big drug companies got pee%26#039;d off with it in the 70%26#039;s and had a campaign to ban it (%26#039;cos it works too well and is free!!!)

If you can access some comfrey leaves simply crush them in a mortar and pestle, add a little vitamin E cream or use honey is even better (real honey, not 20% honey and added crapola such as corn syrup and sugars).

Anyway crush the comfrey down (can even use a wheatgrass juicer and separate the pithy stuff from the essence/juice and blend with the creamy carrier (honey or other creamy stuff such as Vit E) and you%26#039;ve got a basic ointment.

Make sure skin is closed and not actively bleeding (altho personally I use pure comfrey on sores, I don%26#039;t advise other to do the same) - I also eat comfrey and drink its raw juice for health.

Comfrey is a great healing agent - I have read about an experiment conducted by Sir Maurice Blackmore, a pioneer of health (natural health) who put together two fillets of a freshly killed fish, with comfrey ointment (no honey or Vit E of course) and after about half a day, they found that the cells in the dead meat had nonetheless begun to knit and %26#039;heal%26#039;.

(Not much consolation for the fish!) but a great demo of how good comfrey is at catalysing healing of damaged cells.

Apply to cleaned face or other part, in small amounts, simply dab on - wash regularly (not with animal-fat-based soap - just water is fine) and re-apply at need. I think you%26#039;ll get a result.

Oh - and you might find ready-made comfrey ointment at a local health shop - BUT I doubt it. Try finding a local organic or permaculture gardening group, to get access to some comfrey - it%26#039;s easy to grow and a valuable herb to propogate.

I don%26#039;t know laws overseas, but in Australia this substance is banned (not the herb itself, just the use of it in foods or medicinal items is banned) - but only because chemical medicine companies DON%26#039;T WANT PEOPLE to help themselves organically and they can%26#039;t PATENT this naturally occurring gift from Nature (Monsanto eat your heart out!).

PS - there may be varied spellings for comfrey if you are using net search engines. I found heaps for %26#039;confrey%26#039; eg

%26quot;Comfrey has been cultivated since about 400 BC as a healing herb. The word comfrey, derived from the Latin word for %26quot;grow together%26quot;, reflects the early uses ...%26quot;

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