Monday, December 14, 2009

How can i get rid of scars caused by mosquito bites?

I%26#039;m 15 and I have a sensitive skin. Wounds, cuts and even mosquito bites cause permanent dark spots to my skin, though it fades after a long time. Do you know any remedies that could easily fade them? I badly need to remove them because I can%26#039;t wear skirts.|||A product that contains alpha hydroxy acids or something similar will help to slough off the affected skin.

Try something like Regeneration Extreme Repair for Face %26amp; Body Creme or Demarkable Dermal Smoothing Lotion from BeautiControl. And I would recommend using sun screen along with that to protect the repairing process from the sun.

hope that helps!|||I cant wear skirts or shorts too due the mosquito scarring on my legs. I%26#039;ve tried tanning,used nivea whitening cream.Anyway,I%26#039;ve heard of the brand Mederma but I%26#039;m not sure if it meant for mosquito scarring.I%26#039;m using Vitamin E oil.I have yet to explore other solutions for my scarring. Report Abuse
|||use neosporn (the cut and scratch medicine) it will help scars go away....or you can use a more powerful treatment called polysporn..its the same just more works for me when i get rid of scars|||Bio oil helps remove skin marks.

Also, dont scratch mozy bites. I scracthed one endlessly once, now i have a scar.|||hey

i have this problem too!

i hate those scars caused by irritating mosquito bites..

i asked this question too but did not get any good ans... :(

answers i got:

- NO medicine cream will get rid of them go see a dermatoligist,good luck

- Cocoa butter the stick not the liquid kind, that helps in the long run

if you get any good answers tell me too would you? :)

mine doesnt seem to fade away..its been years..|||I understand how you feel but whatever you do, DO NOT SCRATCH your skin!!

try some tea tree oil to prevent itching and after that, apply Petroleum Vaseline on your skin, especially on the area that you have been bitten.

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