Monday, December 14, 2009

How can i get rid of scars from cutting?

They have been on my arm for like a year and the faded a lot but they won%26#039;t go away. Will they ever be completly gone. Also what are some excuses for them. I don%26#039;t want people to know that i did it to myself.|||Sounds like you%26#039;ve had a tough past. If you have received help through counseling and are at a point of moving on, PROPS to you. I admire your strength. For the scars, vitamin E is always helpful. You can buy the capsules where suplements are, break them open and rub it on your scars....there is also a gel they sell (for $14 a tube) called mederma (I think,,,something like that). It does take time! Depending on where they are on your arm, you can cover them. Be selective on who you talk to about them, but know that it is OK to talk about them if you feel safe/trusting in the person. It%26#039;s part of who you are and where you%26#039;ve been. It%26#039;s ok...everyone has their own sh*t. Just do what you can to keep moving forward and growing at a person. If all else fails, deflect by saying %26quot;thats a personal question don%26#039;t you think?%26quot;

Good luck|||scars shouldnt go away but you never know....


my cousin used %26quot;i fell out of a tree, there are more on my stomich%26quot;

Or %26quot;When my friend spent the night we went into the woods (or somewhat wooded area) and i tripped over a root coming out of the ground and fell in stickers and thorns and they cut me, i got some on my legs and my other arm got some too. We put neasporin on it and it got better, it wasnt till later i realized they left scars.%26quot;

sometimes longer stories with detail seem to be more believable

or if you dont want to say the whole story just say %26quot;UGH! Long story!%26quot;|||It depends how deep you cut your skin. Since they have not disappeared completely,I recommend going to a pharmacy and asking for a cream that will help the scars disappear.|||medical treatment for scars but what will you do for the mental scars? Such a tough question, isnt it..?|||Vitamin E cream|||try mederma

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