Monday, December 14, 2009

How to fix or hide unsightly scars on chest?

I was a troubled teenager (feel a little better these days), but back then I used to cut and scar myself because the physical pain comforted me.

In one occassion, I stabbed myself across the chest and bled a lot resulting in eventually a big scar. It%26#039;s a terrible reminder but besides that I don%26#039;t want people asking me or commenting on it when I have shirt off.

Anyway I can hide a big scar without cosmetic surgery or anything like that?|||One year after having a scar there is no way to diminish the appearance of it. If it has not been a year the only way to make it less visible is to keep the scar out of the sun and you can try putting coco butter on it.

They sell scar serum at the store, you can try that.|||My primary suggestion would be to wear clothes that cover the scar, but if that won%26#039;t do, just wear foundation over it. Loreal True Match Liquid Foundation works well.|||try some kind of cream that makes it fade like C said

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