Monday, December 14, 2009

How long to scars from surgery take to heal and look better?

I had surgery a few months ago, back in December. I now have a scar on my stomach and it%26#039;s still quite red and swollen, anybody know how long this takes to get better?|||using Mederma 3-4 times daily on new scars will get rid of it/minimize it in 8 weeks...on old scars it will take 3-6 months. You can get Mederma at CVS for about 30 dollars. It%26#039;s pricey but SO WORTH IT. By mom used it after her surgery and i use it for a scar on my face and it is working very well. You can probably get it cheap off of eBay (but make sure to check the expiration date if you do!).|||Scars can take a long time to heal. Try rubbing vitamin E oil on it several times a day. It probably wont make your scar go away altogether, but it will help to minimize the permanent scar. If it is still swollen you should talk to your doctor about that. That is a long time for it to be swollen. You could try icing to get the swelling down. Also, you may have to reduce your physical activity. The more active you are the more blood is going to go to the would and cause swelling. Go see your doctor. Take care.|||Hey Brittany T, can you tell us more about your experience with Mederma? Like did your mom start using it right after the surgery, and how long did it take to work for her and your scar? How many times did you rub it in every day?|||I would think it should be better by now. Try using Mederma or Neosporin to help fade the scar.

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